Since 2019, we have a new breed in our family named cairn terrier, which is an incredible small breed, with strong personality and good character, with an incredible power to love you; they are  sensible, very affectionate and in the same time independent and friendly. We can also say that they don’t like to be alone, so cairn terriers have need on a lot of attention, love, spoil, cudles. All cairns like a lot walks, also to play, are inventive, energic dogs, with other words a very big soul in a small body. 

                   Now we will present our cairn terrier family, which have 3 members, one boy and 2 girls, all of them with good results in dog shows, in the country and outside the country too: Anima Guttis Elodia, Anima Guttis Gloria and Tiramisu Antante. 

                  Right now we have a new litter of cairn terrier, 1 little girl and 4 little boys, born on Feb. 3th and happy parents are Tiramisu Antante and Anima Guttis Elodia. More info at page  CAIRN TERRIER PUPPIES AVAILABLE


Tiramisu Antante - an excellent male : CACJ, JCHMKD, JGRAND CH MKD

Anima Guttis Elodia - an excellent female : RCAC, CAC, CACIB

Anima Guttis Gloria- an excellent female: 3CAC,RCAC, CACIB,BOB,BOS