Many people asked us why we choose this breed....; well .... few years ago, 15 years ago, more exactly we decide to have a dog for our property, but in the same time to have a dog for our family also, because we want to have a baby too and after many weeks of searching we found the breed that suited us: caucasian shepherd dog and we choose for a litle caucasian puppy female, named Dolfa Transcaucazia,  who stole our hearts from the first momements which we saw her, with other words was love at first sight.

         Finnaly our baby was born and quickly we saw on our skin what means a balance caucasian dog, what means a true guardian of property and in the same time so loving with family members, so that's why we decide to become breeders of this wonderful breed and we started to increase the members of the Caucasian family.

          We loved and love everything at them: head, cheast, their good movement, great behaviour with family and other animals, their guard instinct, with other words we love caucasian with good structure, true temperament and character. 

          After all these years, we can say that caucasians are dogs with strong personality, very intelligent and and for families who don't know what means a caucasian shepherd we have few words to tell them:

*** when you have a caucasian shepherd you must be prepared to have a guard dog too , because caucasian is a dog which protect the family and their property, by their nature.

***this breed need on a lot of education, socialisation and which exactly like to a child , "no" must be always "no", never "maybe"; on many times voice must be ferm in his education, because if you will give him a "finger", he always will want to take all "your hand", exactly like childrens.

***caucasian need on big yard,  they have need on frequently brushes, because of his hair and also they have need on good food, sometimes supliments when they grow .

           Out of love for this breed and because we want all the best for our puppies , we always offer our support/help to their future familes, with good tips for their growth, their education, so we please on every family, if they have need on our support, to not hesitate and of course, to keep us posted with their evolutions.

          Here is a link to Standard of caucasian shepherd dog and you can see that  in all our work as breeders, we always take in consideration all our dogs to be in standard (approved by the International Chinological Federation), with good structure, typicity, movement, colour, character and temperament.