If you want to know us better you must know this about us : does not matter where we are, we always have dogs with us, does not matter what jobs we have, we always are there for our doggies, does not matter if we give up at vacations and at many other things for them, the most important is to be there with them.

           Almost the time we stay with our doggies and when they come in our world, we are there, take care of them and their mothers, help them to birth, help them to have care of their puppies. We are there when they start to eat first time from the mother's milk, we are there, when they start to make their first steps, we are there when they start to play and those moments are impossible to describe them.

           Then, we think a long time if the future family is the right one for them, if they can have very good care of them, that's why some times we keep them much longer, because we want all the best for our puppies, we want perfect family for they.

           Many asked us why we do this???

           Our answer: Because we are breeders and that only a true breeder do it and most important thing it's this: we do this because they are our love, our passion, our friends, our life.

           A very big YES, they are our lifes and because we want all the best for them, you must know that we never work with resellers, deallers, you must know that we own, care, love, spoil,  all our dogs, which are with us all the time, we are near all of them all the time and nobody have such good care on them then us! 

           So, if you want to chose  your future family member, please chose from a good breeder, which work like we do, not from those who resell them like a pair of shoes! Please, be aware of this  very important thing!!!